News 2007

NEWS 2007

Nokomis, IL--September 29, 2007. From one project to another, there is simply no stopping our Fr. Pete Fox of the Solus Christi monastic Parish of the Holy Apostles in Nokomis, IL. THE WARMTH OF THE HOLY SPIRIT PROJECT, his latest endeavor, a drive to collect over 100 blankets for the homeless and poor of that area, is causing quite a stir in Nokomis. Cisy Newman is the project director. Pictured above is Ernie Cole, owner of the local Subway Restaurant, who donated generously to the Project. May the Lord bless Ernie Cole and all those who have and who continue to contribute to Fr. Pete's ministry to the homeless.

Milwaukee, WI -- September 9, 2007. During the Divine Liturgy celebrated with parishioners of Solus Christi Brothers Skete, Subdeacon Louis Stephen Mahalik was ordained to the Holy Diaconate by His Beatitude Metropolitan Prime Bishop Ioan. Fr. Marian Bellin, Abbot of SS. Cyril & Methodius Skete, Manawa, WI concelebrated with Vladyka Ioan, and Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin was Deacon for the ordination Liturgy. After the Divine Liturgy, Abbot Marian Bellin, parishioner Ken Beattie, Pani Matka Jan Mahalik and newly ordained Fr. Deacon Louis Mahalik posed for a photo before going for a most delicious luncheon and celebration at the home of monastery parishioners Natalya and Richard Lamping. Fr. Deacon Louis is a Ph.D candidate at Loyola University, Chicago and will continue his theological studies for the next year. He will be ordained to the Holy Priesthood next Fall after spending some time at our seminary in Quito, Ecuador next summer. AXIOS!

Coleman, MI - August 16 thru August 20, 2007. The Holy Synod of the Archdiocese of the United States met at our monastery in Coleman, MI. In attendance were Fr. Archpriest Christopher Eriksson (Canada), His Beatitude Metropolitan Thomas (Western Rite Metropolia), His Grace Bishop Gregory (Diocese of Arizona), His Grace Bishop Martin (Diocese of the Midwest), His Beatitude Vladyka Ioan (Prime Bishop & Archbishop of the United States), and Mitred Archpriest Clif Ransom and his wife Dorothy. During the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, August 19, 2007, Vladyka Ioan blessed Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin as Ihumen (Abbot) of Solus Christi Skete, Milwaukee, WI, and Vladyka Martin blessed

Mother Mary Kateri as Ihumena (Abbess) of the women's Skete in Coleman, MI. Also attending (not pictured) were Deacon-candidate Subdeacon Lou Mahalik and his wife Jan Mahalik.

Milwaukee, WI - August 10, 2007. On August 17, 2007, and Fr. Felix Pineros and Pani Matka Clara Pineros of the Diocese of Columbia will be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their marriage. On behalf of His Beatitude Vladyka Ioan, the Bishops of our Holy Synod, our priests, deacons, monastics and people, we wish Padre Felix and Pani Matka Clara MNOHAYA LITA! Our prayers are with them and their family. Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin, Chancellor.


Bogot, Columbia - August 6, 2007. Vladyka Chrysostomos, Major Archbishop of Ecuador, Central & South America, ordained three new priests and one deacon for our jurisdiction. During the Divine Liturgies on July 20, 2007 and July 21, 2007, Hieromonk Esteban and Hieromonk Daniel were ordained to the Holy Priesthood (photos top), and during the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, July 22, 2007, Hieromonk Alexander and Fr. Deacon Sebastian (photos bottom row, left to right) were ordained to the Holy Priesthood and Holy Diaconate, respectively. AXIOS and MNOHAYA LITA to our newly ordained priests and deacon.


Luts'k, Ukraine - August 1, 2007. Archbishop Spyridon, Archbishop of Luts'k - Volyn, and the community and clergy of the Cathedral Parish of St. Michael the Archangel, celebrated a special Liturgy of Thanksgiving for the return, to liturgical use, of the silver chalice shown in the photos above. During communist times, the chalice was secretly buried for more than thirty years and was recently recovered and donated to the Cathedral Parish of St. Michael the Archangel in Luts’k.


Bogota, Columbia - July 28, 2007. After the ordinations of our new priests and deacon the previous weekend, Fr. Felix Pineros and Pani Matka Clara Elvira Pineros hosted Archbishop Chrysostomos, Fr. Archdeacon Nicolas, Archemandrite Eliseo, MD and the newly ordained at their home in Bogota. Picture above, from left to right, are: newly ordained Fr. Deacon Sebastian, Fr. Deacon Esteban (ordained in Quito by Metropolitan Ioan in June), newly ordained Hieromonk Daniel, newly ordained Hieromonk Esteban, Vladyka Chrysostomos, Archemandrite Eliseo (Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Columbia), Pani Matka Clara Elvira Pineros, Fr. Felix Pineros, newly ordained Hieromonk Alexander and Fr. Archdeacon Nicolas.



Santa Rosa de Osos, Antioquia, Columbia -- July 24, 2007. Vladyka Chrysostomos, accompanied by Fr. Daniel, Archimandrite Eliseo and Fr. Archdeacon Nicolas, visited the Catholic University of the North and met with Roman Catholic Bishop Jairo Jaramillo and with all the clergy of the Diocese during the formation course of the diocesan clergy. 


Taylorville, IL - July 14, 2007. A jubilant  Fr. Pete Fox, pastor of Holy Apostles Parish and Superior of Solus Christi Brothers Skete, Nokomis, IL, served and celebrated the wedding of his daughter, Jessica Fox, to Derek Weichert. Congratulations and mnohaya lita to Jessica and Derek. Also, your prayers are asked for Brandon Fox, Fr. Pete's son, also pictured above, who will soon be deployed to Iraq on August 8.

Milwaukee, WI - June 29, 2007. His Beatitude Metropolitan Ioan has formally erected the Diocese of Columbia, effective today, the feast of SS. Peter & Paul (New Calendar) and has ratified the appointment by Archbishop Chrysostomos, Major Archbishop of Ecuador, Central & South America, assigning Archimandrite Eliseo Porras, MD (pictured above with Vladyka Chrysostomos and with Vladyka Ioan) as Administrator of the new suffragan Diocese under Archbishop Chrysostomos (locum tenens of the Diocese of Columbia) and the Major Archdiocese of Ecuador, Central & South America. Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin, Chancellor.


Quito, Ecuador - June 19, 2007. After successfully completing the requirements for their degrees and upon the recommendation of seminary Rector, Archbishop Chrysostomos, the members of our seminary class of 2007 were awarded their degrees of Master of Divinity by His Beatitude Metropolitan Ioan. Pictured above are 2007 seminary graduates: Fr. Deacon Samuel Rodriguez Cantor, Fr. Hierodeacon Daniel Valero Corredor, Fr. Hierodeacon Alexander Gonzalez, Fr. Deacon Esteban Narvaez, Pani Matka Maria Ana del Pilar Leon, Fr. Hierodeacon Esteban Baez, Fr. Hierodeacon Nicolai Gonzalez Fiesco, Subdeacon Sebastian Segura Botia, Mother Mariamne and Mother Veronica. Fathers Samuel, Daniel, Alexander and Esteban Baez will be ordained to the Holy Priesthood by Archbishop Chrysostomos at the end of July, and Subdeacon Sebastian will be ordained to the Holy Diaconate. MNOHAJE LITA TO ALL !

Quito, Ecuador - June 17, 2007. AXIOS! During the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy celebrating the pastoral visit of Metropolitan Ioan to the Archdiocese of Ecuador, Central and South America, Vladyka Ioan ordained Subdeacon Esteban Narvaez to the Holy Diaconate. Fr. Deacon Esteban Narvaez will serve in a parish in Bogota, Columbia upon his return to Columbia later this month after completion of his theological studies (M.Div. Degree) and seminary formation. The Liturgy, attended by more than 150 parishioners, also celebrated the anniversary of the Episcopal ordination of Vladyka Chrysostomos. Among those present for the Divine Liturgy and ordination were the Consul of Ukraine and the Consul of Romania. MNOHAYA LITA, FATHER DEACON ESTEBAN!


Quito, Ecuador - June 16, 2007. After the Divine Liturgy celebrating the birthday of Metropolitan Ioan, Archbishop Chrysostomos, accompanied by Fr. Deacon Samuel Delio Cantor, Fr. Felix Pineros and Hierodeacon Nicolai Gonzalez Fiesco, took Vladyka Ioan on a very special trip to the Equator. Pictured above, Fr. Deacon Samuel Delio Cantor and Fr. Felix Pineros are standing on the southern hemisphere, Vladyka Ioan is standing with one foot on the northern hemisphere and one foot on the southern hemisphere, and Vladyka Chrysostomos is standing on the northern hemishphere.


Quito, Ecuador - June 15, 2007. During the pastoral visit of Metropolitan Ioan to the Archdiocese of Ecuador, Central & South America (June 13 thru June 20), Vladyka Ioan, accompanied by Archbishop Chrysostomos, Fr. Felix Pineros, Archdeacon Nicolas, Subdeacon Esteban Narvaez and Subdeacon Sebastian Segura Botia were warmly received by Roman Catholic Cardinal Antonio Jose Gonzalez Zumarraga at Cardinal Zumarraga's residence in Quito.


Zozulyntzi, Ukraine - May 29, 2007. On the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, Metropolitan Venedykt (Archbishop of Russia),

Archbishop Spyridon (Archbishop of Luts'k-Volyn), Archbishop Vsevolod (Archbishop of Ternopil-Bukovyna), Bishop Daniil, Auxiliary Bishop of Ternopil-Bukovyna), Mitred Archpriest Valentyn Soroka (Apostolic Administrator of Kyiv & representative of Metropolitan Archbishop Ioan), the priests, deacons, monastics and people of the Archdiocese of Ukraine gathered at the Cathedral in Zozulyntzi to celebrate the Divine Liturgy as an ecclesial community and to participate in the Holy Synod of the Archdiocese of Ukraine.


Kyiv, Ukraine. May 27, 2007. After the arrival of Metropolitan Venedykt  from Russia and following the celebration of the Divine Liturgy for the Feast of Pentecost, Metropolitan Venedykt, Mitred Archpriest Valentyn Soroka, priests and faithful from Kyiv boarded a bus and traveled to join the other Hierarchs and faithful for the Holy Synod of the Archdiocese of Ukraine to be held at the Cathedral in Zozulyntzi on the Feast of the Holy Trinity, May 29.


Kaniv, Ukraine - May 22, 2007. Vladyka Vsevolod, Archbishop of Ternopil - Bukovyna, Fr. Archpriest Valentyn Soroka and Subdeacon Volodymir Soroka joined Vladyka Hilarion of the UAOC and other clergy for a Panakhyda to honor the memory of Ukraine's esteemed national poet, Taras Shevchenko, at Shevchenkivska Hora, the site of Shevchenko's original burial.

Milwaukee, WI - May 12, 2007. Vladyka Ioan and Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin [parish administrator] celebrated the baptism and chrismation of baby Katherine Elizabeth with her wonderful parents Halyna and Ivan, Godparents, family and other parishioners of Holy Resurrection Parish, the monastic parish of Solus Christi Brothers Skete, Milwaukee, WI. Katherine's baptism has been the parish's third baptism within the last ten months. MNOHAYA LITA to Katherine Elizabeth and to her entire family.


Valletta, Malta - May 7, 2007. Today, in a gesture of true Christian ecumenism, Archbishop David-Francis of Malta, accompanied by Joseph Attard, Knight of the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre, venerated the relics of Dun George Preca, a priest who on June 2, 2007 will become the first Maltese saint canonized by the Roman Catholic Church.

Ft. Bragg, NC - May 1, 2007. Not only the pride of his father, Fr. Pete Fox [pastor of Holy Apostles Parish, Nokomis, Il and monk of Solus Christi Brothers], but the pride of our blessed jurisdiction, Brandon Fox recently graduated from special warfare training at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina and is waiting for deploiment orders to serve the United States in Iraq. Pictured on the left, Brandon shared this special moment with his father and family, and on the left, Brandon embraces one of his classmates. We assure Brandon and all our American men and women serving in the armed forces our unceasing prayers and support.

Bogota, Columbia - April 23 to 27, 2007. Vladyka Chrysostomos, Major Archbishop of Ecuador, Central & South America, met with Pedro Cardinal Rubiano, Roman Catholic Cardinal Archbishop of Bogota, Columbia and the members of the Presbyteral Council of Columbia, among whom were Bishop Jaime Pinilla, Bishop Jose Roberto Ospina, Bishop Olavio Lopez Duque and Bishop Fernando Sabogal Viana. The meeting which lasted nearly six hours addressed the ecumenical relationship between our jurisdiction and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bogota.


Luts'k, Ukraine - April 25, 2007. Archbishop Spyridon Babsky, Archbishop of Luts'k - Volyn, recently venerated the holy icon of St. Basil the Great along with Fr. Volodymyr, Fr. Mykhail, Fr. Deacon Andriy and other clergy and faithful of his Archdiocese. The icon of St. Basil has been weeping a thick oily substance consistently for the past several months since January 14, 2007, feast of St. Basil the Great.


Zozulyntsi, Ukraine - April 21, 2007. Vladyka Vsevolod, Archbishop of Ternopil'-Bukovyna, celebrated Pascha at the Cathedral, with the priests, deacons, monastics and faithful of the Archdiocese. Afterwards, after a long and strict fast, the baskets of the faithful were blessed (photos bottom row) by Vladyka.


Valletta, Malta - April 20, 2007. Vladyka David-Francis, Archbishop of Malta, accompanied by our beloved friend, Joseph Attard, Knight of the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre, recently met with the newly ordained Roman Catholic Archbishop of Malta, His Eminence Paul Cremora, O.P. and Auxiliary Bishop, Monsignor Annetto Depasquale (photo left top). May the Lord bless the Episcopacy of  Archbishop Cremora! The remaining three photos show Vladyka David-Francis and the Honorable Joseph Attard participating in the Vigil Services of Palm Sunday with the Archpriest and Monsignors of the Cathedral in Gozo, Malta.


Ternopil-Bukovyna, Ukraine - April 13, 2007. Vladyka Vsevolod, Archbishop of Ternopil-Bukovyna, his priests, deacons, monastics and people gathered at our Cathedral in Ternopil' to celebrate Great & Holy Friday. The faith is great in Ukraine!

Bogota, Columbia - April 12, 2007. Fr. Felix Pineros (pastor of our Parroquia de San Nectarios de Egina) and his wife, Pani Matka Fotini collect food and clothing for the poor in Bogota and faithfully serve the AIDS community and people suffering from incurable diseases. May the love and hope of the Risen Christ continue to grow through the sacrifice, ministry and love of our beloved Fr. Felix and Pani Matka Fotini.

Milwaukee, WI - April 8, 2007. KHRYSTOS VOSKRES! Prime Bishop Vladyka Ioan and Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin (photo left proclaiming the Gospel for the Resurrection Feast) celebrated the Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord with monastery parishioners at Solus Christi Brothers Skete, Milwaukee, WI, residence of our Metropolitan and Prime Bishop, Vladyka Ioan. Pascha this year was an especially memorable event for the monks and the monastic parish who welcomed baby Katherine (photo right) at her first Divine Liturgy.

Zozulyntzi, Ukraine - April 1, 2007. The joy of Palm Sunday was celebrated by Vladyka Vsevolod, his priests, monastics and people at the Cathedral in Zozulyntzi.

Nokomis, IL - March 10, 2007. Through the efforts of Fr. Pete Fox, Pastor, and the great generosity of Dwight Shepherd  [pictured to the left] and Kevin West who erected it, the new Cross at our Parish of the Holy Apostles was consecrated on the eve of the Feast of the Veneration of the Holy Cross. It is also noteworthy that Fr. Pete Fox has been recently received into postulancy in the monastic community of Solus Christi Brothers. Our congratulations to Fr. Pete and to the parishioners of the Parish of the Holy Apostles in Nokomis, IL.

Quito, Ecuador - February 18, 2007. During Matins, Monks Nicolai, Daniel and Alexander were ordained to the Minor Orders of Reader and Subdeacon by His Eminence Major Archbishop Chrysostomos of Ecuador, Central and South America. Later, during the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, Vladyka Chrysostomos ordained Subdeacon Samuel and Stavrofor Monk Esteban to the Holy Diaconate.

Quito, Ecuador - February 11, 2007. Monasticism is the center and pulse of the life of the Autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America and of the Church. Pictured above, Monk Esteban (far left) was consecrated as a monk by Vladyka Chrysostomos and is pictured above with Archdeacon Nicholas, Vladyka Chrysostomos and with Sisters Miriamne and Veronica who were also consecrated as monastics the same day.


Quito, Ecuador - February 11, 2007. Sister Miriamne and Sister Veronica were consecrated as monastics by Vladyka Chrysostomos. Both these sisters are the heart and soul of our Archdiocese of Ecuador, Central & South America, and we wish them God's blessing in the monastic lives and ministry to the Church and the People of God.


Quito, Ecuador - January 13, 2007. Vladyka Chrysostomos (center) is currently serving in the elected office of President of the National Council of Churches of Ecuador. Vladyka recently hosted the Rt. Rev. Frank Retief (photo to the left of Vladyka Chrysostomos), Presiding Bishop of the Church of England in South Africa and his delegation and the Rt. Rev. Walter Crespo (photo to the right of Vladyka Chrysostomos) of the Church of Ecuador and his delegation. The two Anglican bodies signed a concordate with each other. The meeting was held at our Monasterio de la Anastasis. In the photo to the right, Bishop Frank Retief (seated) and Vladyka Chrysostomos share a private conversation.


Nokomis, IL - January 12, 2007. The prayers of all are requested for Brandon Fox (photo left), son of Fr. Pete Fox (photo right after a recent wedding which he served), pastor of the Church of the Holy Apostles, Nokomis, IL. Brandon just finished boot camp in Kentucky last month and will probably be deployed to Iraq some time in April or May of this year. Let us remember, without ceasing, Brandon and all our brave men and women serving in the military in these most troubled times.

Quito, Ecuador - January 8, 2007. His Eminence Archbishop Chrysostomos, Major Archbishop of Ecuador, Central & South America of our jurisdiction, has published a most beautiful DVD: "Manifestacion de Una Presencia." Vladyka Chrysostomos uses iconography to give his meditation, in Spanish, on the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and ends with giving the mission of the Church in Central and South America. It is a masterpiece which is professionally produced and a "must see.”

Milwaukee, WI - January 7, 2007. After the Vigil celebrations with parishioners at the monastery on the preceeding day, Vladyka Ioan and Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin celebrated the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord at the monastery of Solus Christi Brothers with monastery parishioners. After the Divine Liturgy, some of the Ukrainian-born parishioners posed for a photo and then joined the rest of the community for a festive dinner.


Quito, Ecuador - January 1, 2007. At the chapel of Monasterio de la Anastasis, Vladyka Chrysostomos, assisted by Fr. Archdeacon Nicolas, received the monastic profession of monks Nicolai, Daniel and Alexander. Many happy years to our newly professed monks. All three of the newly professed are currently students at the Seminary of St. Basil, Quito.


Pisa, Italy - January 1, 2007. Traveling on behalf of his office with the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre, His Eminence Archbishop David-Francis Corbett, our Archbishop of Malta, recently visited Pisa. Vladyka David-Francis is shown visiting Pisa with His Excellency the Grand Prior of San Marino, the Grand Prior's wife and the wife of the Comandante of Internal Security. During his visit, Vladyka David-Francis was escorted by the Comandante and the Commissioner of Grosetto Police.

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