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The Office for Interjurisdictional and Interfaith Dialogue is committed to fraternal dialogue with our brothers and sisters who profess the Faith received by the Holy Apostles and clarified by the Fathers of the Church.

We believe in the value of dialogue on the basis that all Christians profess the faith in Christ our Redeemer who died and rose for us from the dead. We are always grateful to Almighty God to engage in charity work with other jurisdictions which share the Orthodox Faith in its fullness.

We also welcome dialogue with jurisdictions that wish to discuss the possibility of becoming fully Orthodox in faith and praxis under the Byzantine Rite or the Western Rite of the Orthodox Church. The journey towards incardination into our jurisdiction is one of honest dialogue, examination and prayer in order to embrace the fullness of what makes us, through conversion of life and belief in our Lord, Orthodox. Our Faith and praxis are rooted from the very beginning of the Apostolic Church and we live-out our Christian lives according to the teaching received from the mouth of the Holy Apostles and our Fathers.

Those wishing to practice Orthodoxy in our Western Rite commit themselves only to the pre-schismatic practices and worship of the Western Church like any other Orthodox community. We must, as disciples of Christ, remain faithful to the Ecumenical Councils in order to avoid any misunderstanding about the Holy Mysteries (sacraments) and the governance of the Holy Church of God.

We welcome dioceses, parishes and individuals to contact us and to embark on a journey toward Orthodoxy. We particularly welcome other Orthodox jurisdictions to explore the possibility of intercommunion with our jurisdiction.

If you wish to contact our jurisdiction in this regard, we welcome you to do so by contacting His Grace Vladyka Gabriel at:

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