Vocations in Our Jurisdiction



Candidates for the diaconate or priesthood seeking to enter or to transfer into the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America from another jurisdiction and/or Christian community (e.g. Protestant, Episcopal Church, etc.) or those requesting additional information should contact:

For the United States for the Archdiocese of the United States and Canada and for the Archdiocese of Ukraine:
His Beatitude Metropolitan Ioan

For the Diocese of Ville-Marie, Canada:
His Grace Bishop Gabriel



Candidates for the Holy Diaconate and/or Holy Priesthood who are not in Major Orders must:
1. Complete a full course of theological studies (three years) at either an accredited theological faculty in the   area in which they are currently living or through distance learning at a theological faculty approved by
the Archbishop of the United States, the Locum Tenens of Ukraine and the Locum Tenens of Canada.
2. Show their ability to form, cultivate and sustain an active ministry and to support themselves.
3. Familiarize themselves with the Hierarchs and Clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America
and actively participate in the Synods and Clergy Conferences of our jurisdiction.

Candidates who are in Major Orders or who have completed theological studies must:
1. Obtain a written release from the Hierarch in whose jurisdiction they are currently incardinated.
2. Agree to a probationary period of three years during which time the Candidate, Hierarchy and Clergy of
    our jurisdiction can get to know each other and form strong and stable fraternal bonds.
3. During this period of probation, the Candidate must actively participate in the Synods and Clergy
    Conferences of our jurisdiction.
4. Satisfy any deficiencies in his theological and/or liturgical formation.
5. Show his ability to form, cultivate and sustain an active ministry and to support himself.
6. Understand that any regularization of ordination or future ordination will not, under any circumstances,
    be agreed to unless a satisfactory probationary period (three years minimum) has been completed and
    requirements, as listed above, have been satisfactorily fulfilled.

Mandatory Documentation to be presented along with the Application for Incardination:
1. Certificate(s) of Baptism and Chrismation.
2. Certified copies of academic transcripts from all colleges, universities and/or seminaries attended.
3. If married, a certified copy of the Applicantʼs Marriage Certificate of a sacramental Orthodox marriage.
4. If married, a notarized statement from the Applicantʼs spouse supporting his admission to Holy Orders.
5. Official Criminal Background Check/Clearance (at Candidateʼs expense).
6. A psychological assessment submitted by a licensed psychologist directly to the Archbishop.
7. A recommendation from three employers submitted directly to the Archbishop.
8. A recommendation from the Candidateʼs Spiritual Father submitted directly to the Archbishop/Bishop.
9. A letter detailing the Candidateʼs spiritual journey and reasons for applying to the UOCA.

Seminarians shall be under the direct supervision of and answerable to the Archbishops and/or Bishops of their respective Dioceses as listed in the directory above.

*Primary consideration for seminary/theological formation shall be given to the candidate pursuing his theological formation at seminaries accredited by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America, namely, at the International Seminary of St. Basil, Theological Institute of L'viv, Ukraine and the Ternopil' Theological Institute, Ternopil', Ukraine. Seminary enrollment for candidiates for the Archdiocese of the United States and Canada as well as for the Diocese of Ville-Marie, Canada, will be on a case-by-case basis.

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