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NEWS 2005

Kyiv, Ukraine - December 6, 2005. Seated left to right, the Bishops of Ukraine, Vladyka Vsevolod, Vladyka Stefan, Vladyka Spyridon and Vladyka Daniil, met with priest delegates and Secretary of the Synod of Ukraine, Fr. Archpriest Valentyn Soroka, (third from right) to review and finalize the Statutes of the Archdiocese of Ukraine.

Ternopil Oblast - Ukraine - November 20, 2005. After celebration of the Divine Liturgy, Bishop Vsevolod (Ternopil' Diocese) and Bishop Daniil (Hmelnitsky-Koma'yanetz-Podilsky Diocese) consecrated our new monastery in the Ternopil' Region, Ukraine. Pictured along with Bishops Daniil and Vsevolod (center of photo) are Archpriest Valentyn (holding cross) and some of the priests of the Ternopil' Diocese and some of the monastics and is a foundation of Solus Christi Brothers. The monastery was built entirely by Bishops Vsevolod and Daniil and the priests and monks attached to the monastery. MANY, MANY HAPPY YEARS to our Brothers, and congratulations on this first step toward establishing a strong monastic presence of our jurisdiction in Ukraine.

Rancagua, Chile - November 18, 2005. After his pastoral visit in Argentina earlier this month, Archbishop Chrysostomos, Major Archbishop of Ecuador, Central and South America, stopped for a pastoral visit in Chile where he was fraternally and warmly welcomed to the home of Bishop Alejandro Goic Karmelli. Bishop Alejandro is President of the Roman Catholic Bishops' Conference of Chile.

Milwaukee, WI - November 6, 2005. + It was with great sadness that we learned, earlier today, of the death of Bishop-elect Nicholas Ivan Khrennikov on October 24, 2005 at Sherborne, Doset, England. Bishop-elect Nicholas was ordained a priest in 1986 and was raised to the office of Archimandrite in 1988. Although Bishop-elect Nicholas did not formally incardinate into our jurisdiction, he remained a dear friend and was always united with us in prayer. MAY HIS MEMORY BE ETERNAL.

Quito, Ecuador - October 23, 2005. Archbishop Chrysostomos and Archdeacon Nicolas were invited to the home of Michael and Alejandra Bishara where Archbishop Chrysostomos blessed the infant. It is a Palestinian Orthodox tradition to bless the mother on the ninth day after the birth of the child and to present the child at the Temple after 40 days, followed by the baptism of the infant. Congratulations and blessings upon the infant and the entire Bishara Family!

Taylor, MI - October 16, 2005. What a beautiful God-filled day for our church! It began early in the morning when we traveled from Our Lady of The Most Blessed Sacrament Monastery in Coleman, and culminated in our arrival at the Little Rose Shrine in Taylor, MI. 100-plus faithful attended an open air Liturgy at the Shrine on a blustery and somewhat chilly afternoon. Another 100 or so arrived throughout the afternoon and evening to pray at the shrine with its newly arrived statue of Our Lady which has become associated with miraculous happenings. Bishop Martin celebrated the Liturgy assisted by Archpriest Christopher Eriksson from Canada and Fr. Vlad Marczynski M.S.F, a Roman Catholic priest. Sister Kateri and Linda were faithfully with us as always. Sister Kateri rendered us all special service by acting as chauffeur on the long trip. Before his sickness and recent repose in the Lord this special statue of Our Lady had been the property of Mr. Ghassan Pattah, a Chaldean Christian from the area. After his passing, one of his family members had a vision of him in a dream where he was asked to take the statue to The Little Rose Shrine. This he and his family faithfully did. They did not know at the time that Mr. Ghassan Pattah had been worshipping at The Little Rose Shrine! Many of Mr. Ghassan Pattah’s family attended the special open-air Liturgy and then received a special individual blessing from Bishop Martin and Mother Marie Rose. Their devotion to our Lord was evident to all present. Fr. Vlad heard confession and Fr. Christopher was honored to be able to assist Mother in praying to Our Lord for the needs that each person expressed. The trip had begun with a prayer that the day would be God-filled. It ended with a thankful prayer that we had been humbled in being able to serve in such a personally rewarding way. 

Green Bay, WI - October 15, 2005. His Grace Bishop Aloysius Wycislo, retired Roman Catholic Bishop of Green Bay, WI, passed away this past week at the age of 97 years. Much beloved by the people and clergy of the Diocese of Green Bay, Bishop Wycislo was known for his spirit of ecumenism and his zealous work in Catholic Charities. Fr. Archdeacon Marian represented the Autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America at the funeral of Bishop Wycislo, accompanied by Subdeacon Afanassiy Kessler of Nativity of the Mother of God Mission, Appleton, WI. May the memory of Bishop Wycislo be eternal!

Kenosha, WI - October 4, 2005. The miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Citka (Alaska) was brought to the Parish of St. Nicholas (Orthodox Church of America), Kenosha, WI, by Father Chad Hatfield, Rector of the Seminary of St. Herman, Alaska. Our dear friend and brother, Fr. Stephen Hrycyniak, Pastor of St. Nicholas Parish, invited Vladyka Ioan, Vladyka Chrysostomos and Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin (photo right) to attend this special evening of prayer and veneration. In the photo above are pictured (left to right): Fr. Simeon (Ihumen of St. Isaac of Syria Skete), Archbishop Chrysostomos, Archbishop Ioan, Fr. Stephen Hrycyniak (Pastor of St. Nicholas Parish) and the parish's Subdeacon.

Benet Lake, WI - October 3, 2005. Abbot Andrew Garber, OSB, Retired-Abbot and Director of Postulants of the Monastery of St. Benedict, Benet Lake, WI welcomed our visiting brother, Archbishop Chrysostomos of Ecuador with the greatest affection and fraternal warmth. Pictured in the inner-courtyard of the monastery, from left to right, are: Archbishop Chrysostomos, Archbishop Ioan and Abbot Andrew.

Luts'k, Ukraine - October 2, 2005. The Bishops of the Archdiocese of Ukraine gathered in Luts'k to celebrate the baptismal feastday of Archbishop Spyridon Babsky. Above are pictured, left to right: Fr. Volodymyr (Secretary to Archbishop Wasilii), Archbishop Spyridon Babsky, Mitred Archpriest Valentyn Soroka (Secretary of the Holy Synod of Ukraine), Bishop Stephan Negrebetsky and Bishop Vsevolod Kucherhyn.

Ontario, Canada - September 2005. The photo above of our dear Father Archpriest Christopher Erikkson appeared in the Halton Compass along with the following article: Rev. Christopher Eriksson (holding an icon depicting Jesus) met with Agnes Remme and John Artem, two Mountainview residents, who attended the first of a series of readings by Fr. Eriksson at the residence's chapel. Rev. Erikkson who is the pastor of St. Panteleimon's Church, read from a Russian classic entitled The Way of a Pilgrim and he'll be holding readings on the work on the last Tuesday of every month. Readings are also planned for the Bennett Health Care Centre on the last Wednesday of each month. Rev. Erikkson says the Way of a Pilgrim is an uplifting and profound book that should resonate with residents. The work details the spiritual journey of a Russian peasant. For information about the readings, contact Rev. Eriksson at 905-702-7304. The email address is

Milwaukee, WI - September 29, 2005. Vladyka Chrysostomos, Major Archbishop of Ecuador, arrived safe and sound at General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, for a weeklong visit, as well as a bit of a well-deserved vacation and rest, with Vladyka Ioan and Archdeacon Sergiy. Vladyka Chrysostomos (right) is pictured with Vladyka Ioan (left) upon his arrival at the airport.

Milwaukee, WI - September 29, 2005. Fr. Archpriest Clifton Ransom, JD has been incardinated into the Archdiocese of the United States by Prime Bishop Ioan. Fr. Clif was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Galveston-Houston in 1968 and was the first African-American ordained for that Roman Catholic Diocese. Throughout his ministry, he has served in the Byzantine Rite and holds bi-ritual faculties. He holds a Master's Degree in Biblical languages and literature from St. Louis University (Jesuit). Subsequent to his ordination to the priesthood, Fr. Clifton studied law at Thurgood Marshall Law School and was awarded his JD (Doctor of Laws) Degree from that institution in 1974 and then went on for an additional degree in Tax Law. Fr. Clif's languages include Spanish, Latin and Ukrainian. In addition to his other priestly duties, Fr. Clifton has been appointed Vicar for Legal Affairs for our jurisdiction, effective immediately. Many happy years to our new Brother and to his lovely wife, Dorothy, and family. Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy, Chancellor.

Quito, Ecuador - September 25, 2005. Major Archbishop Chrysostomos of Ecuador, Central & South America, has announced the opening of Centro Agape, shown above, which will serve as a monastery for women monastics and as a retreat center capable of ministering to 25 individuals. Its chapel can accommodate 50 persons. Centro Agape is located 30 minutes from Quito, Ecuador's capitol. Our entire family wishes Archbishop Chrysostomos and the sisters all the blessings God can give, and we pray that all persons making retreats and days of recollection at Centro Agape will be enriched spiritually.

Appleton, WI - On September 12, 2005, the Feast of the Nativity of the Mother of God, Fr. Hierodeacon Marian was elevated to the dignity of Archdeacon by Vladyka Ioan. MANY HAPPY YEARS TO OUR NEW ARCHDEACON! Our special gratitude and prayers are offered to and for Subdeacon Afanassy Kressner of Nativity of the Mother of God Orthodox Mission for arranging and leading the Divine Liturgy and sharing his time and meticulous talents.Also, our special thanks to Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy who, at the last minute, agreed to photograph this wonderful event.  Fr. Archdeacon Marian is seen (above) proclaiming the Gospel, and additional photos of the elevation can be seen by clicking the file to the side of this news release or by clicking:

Columbia - September 1, 2005. Archbishop Chrysostomos has traveled from Ecuador to Columbia for a pastoral visitation and will be giving a retreat to 120 faithful beginning today. Archdeacon Nicolas has accompanied Archbishop Chrysostomos and is giving a workshop on iconography to various religious and faithful

Kyiv, Ukraine - August 30, 2005. Archimandrite Stephan Negrebetskyj, Ph.D [far right in red vestments] was ordained to the episcopacy by Archbishop Spyridon Babsky, D.D. and Bishop Vsevolod Kucherhyn, D.D. Bishop Stephan has been a monk for the past 35 years and is beloved by his fellow monastics and people. In addition to his theological training, Bishop Stephan holds a doctorate in physics and engineering. Bishop Stephan has been installed as Bishop of Vinnytzya, Ukraine. May the Holy Spirit guide our new Bishop and keep him in His embrace.

Kyiv - August 30, 2005. Heartfelt congratulations to Mitred Archpriest Valentyn and his wife Olena who are celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary today.

Ukraine - August 27, 2005. Chor-bishop/Archimandrite Vsevolod Kocherhin was ordained a Bishop by Archbishops Isaakiy and Wasiliy at the Church of St. Michael, Luts'k, Ukraine. Bishop Vsevolod will serve as Bishop of Ternopil'-Bukovyna, Ukraine, and is currently supervising our seminary project which will be in his diocese. We wish our new Bishop Vsevolod MANY HAPPY YEARS!

Ukraine -- August 27 through 29, 2005 concelebrated Divine Liturgies throughout various parishes, meetings with priests, deacons and people and Synod of Bishops of the Archdiocese of Ukraine with Archbishops Isaakiy and Spyridon and Bishop Vsevolod in attendance. Next to last on the right is Father Oleksander, and at the far right is Father Wasiliy, Secretary to Archbishop Isaakiy.

Milwaukee -- August 15, 2005. The Petition for Incardination of Bishop Chrysostomos Celi, Ph.D, D.D., his clergy, faithful and monastics was received by Prime Bishop Ioan. Effective immediately, Bishop Chrysostomos Celi is elevated to the rank of Archbishop and appointed Archbishop of Ecuador and Central and South America. Fr. Deacon Marian is hereby elevated to the rank of Archdeacon and is named Director of Liturgy and Liturgical Education for the Archdiocese of the United States. Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy, Chancellor.

Milwaukee -- August 13, 2005. The Chancery of the Autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America announces that His Beatitude +IOAN received the Petitions for Incardination from the following Hierarchs and has incardinated each, along with his respective clergy, monasteries and parishes, into the Autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America: [1] Bishop Martin Sherman, D.D., Bishop of the Midwest, on August 8, 2005, [2] Metropolitan Emeritus Yuri Spaeth, D.D. on August 11, 2005 and [3] Bishop Gregory Menke, D.D., Bishop of Arizona, on August 13, 2005. May the Lord bless us and keep us in His embrace. Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin, Chancellor.

Coleman, MI -- On August 11, 2005, Vladyka Martin, Bishop of the Midwest, announced the appointment of Sr. Mary Kateri, LSJ as Chancellor of the Diocese of the Midwest. Sr. Kateri is superior of the Convent of the Little Sisters of Jesus and was the first professed monastic of that community.

Milwaukee -- August 3, 2005. The Chancery of the Autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America announces that Archbishop Ioan received the Petitions for Incardination from the following Hierarchs and has on this day signed and sealed an Ukase of Incardination [Ukaz Pro Posviachenya], in the Ukrainian language, for each of the following Hierarchs of our Church: [1] Archbishop Isaakiy Kwitka, D.D. -- Archdiocese of Cherkasy - Odesa, Ukraine, [2] Archbishop Wasiliy Babsky, D.D. -- Archdiocese of Luts’k - Volyn, Ukraine and [3] Bishop Vsevolod Kocherhin, D.D. -- Diocese of Ternopil’-Bukovyna, Ukraine. May the Lord bless and keep us forever in His grace. Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy, Chancellor.


Milwaukee, WI - On Saturday, May 28, 2005, Monk Marian Bellin was ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Ioan (left), as Father Archdeacon Sergiy Larin, deacon for the Liturgy of Ordination, chanted the Ektenea (center photo). To Fr. Deacon Marian we wish MANY, MANY HAPPY YEARS!

Ternopil', Ukraine - Our heartfelt congratulations to Chorbishop Vsevolod whom the Synod elevated to Bishop-elect and who was blessed on February 13, 2005 in Ternopil’. To Chorbishop Vsevelod, his family and the people of his Diocese we wish: MANY HAPPY YEARS. We eagerly await his ordination to the episcopate this summer.

Milwaukee, WI - On January 18, 2005, the Chair of Unity Octave for Christian Unity, was celebrated by Vladyka Ioan and Father Archdeacon Sergiy Larin with a group of Franciscans. The Johannine prayer of Jesus that "they all may be one" should become a fundamental goal of all Christians and our constant prayer.


Kyiv, Ukraine - On December 12, 2004 newly-ordained Vladyka Ioan visited Independence Square, the site of the Orange Revolution, greeting, in a special way, those camped-out at the Ternopil' camp, as Vladyka Ioan's Mother was born and raised in the Ternopil' Region of Ukraine.

Kyiv, Ukraine - On December 11, 2004, FATHER ABBOT IOAN was ordained a bishop by Archbishop Spyridon Babsky, assisted by Metropolitan Moisey. Archbishop Spyridon had been ordained a bishop in 1992 by Patriarch Filaret Denysenko of the Kyiv Patriarchate, Archbishop Spyridon's former jurisdiction. Bishop Ioan holds a Master's Degree in Sacred Scripture and a Doctorate in Psychology and has been a professor of theology, psychology and the psychology of religion. Upon returning to the USA, Bishop Ioan became the first Bishop of the Diocese of the Midwest and will remain Brother General (Abbot) of Solus Christi Brothers (Monks of New Manjava) monastery until the next elections in 2007.

Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church-Canonical Ordains New Bishop for US
22.12.2004, [15:37] // Orthodox //
Kyiv -- On 11 December 2004 in Kyiv, Abbot Ioan (Miles) was ordained bishop and enthroned as the first bishop of the diocese of Milwaukee and the Midwest (USA) of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church-Canonical (UAOC-C). The principal consecrator was Archbishop Spyridon Babsky (ordained a bishop by Patriarch Filaret), who was assisted by Metropolitan Moisey.
Newly-ordained Bishop Ioan, the son of an immigrant Ukrainian mother and an Italian father, is the first American-born cleric to be consecrated for the UAOC-C. Bishop Ioan has been a monk for the 34 years preceeding his consecration, and he will continue to be abbot of the
Solus Christi Brothers monastery in addition to commencing his ministry as bishop of Milwaukee and the Midwest (USA).
Speaking to the faithful present at his consecration, Bishop Ioan told them that, although he is nearly 6000 miles away from them and his brother bishops in Ukraine, his heart is united with them. "Love knows no distance, and I love you and continue to live for and with you. I beg you to keep me in your hearts and prayers, and know that your love beats in my heart and prayers with every breath that I take," he told them.

On 11-12 December 2004, there was also a synod of the UAOC-C at which the bishops deliberated on practical issues and took a few constructive decisions regarding the growth of the church and its activities in new socio-political circumstances. Of the 15 Bishops of the UAOC-C, 12 are from the diaspora, and 3 are ethnic Ukrainians.
Source: press service of the UAOC-C

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Kyiv, Ukraine - In December, 2004, Fr. Archpriest Valentyn marched with a group of faithful during the "Orange Revolution.

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