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NEWS 2008



Milwaukee, WI - October 31, 2008. There is much joy in the Monastic Parish of the Holy Resurrection of Solus Christi Skete, on the occasion of the birth of its newest member, YAROSLAV IVAN, son of parishioners Halyna and Ivan. Pictured above, Vladyka Ioan and Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin (holding little Yaroslav Ivan) visited Halyna and Ivan (pictured with Vladyka Ioan and Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin) at the General Hospital. Yaroslav Ivan is also shown being held by his sisters, Diana and Katherine. MNOHAYA LITA TO YAROSLAV IVAN AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY.


Benet Lake, WI - October 18, 2008. Fr. Deacon John (Lou) Mahalik was ordained to the Holy Priesthood by Vladyka Ioan during the Divine Liturgy opening the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Archdiocese of the United States and Canada. Father John, shown concelebrating at the Litugy of his ordination was then joined by his wife, Matushka Helen (Jan) Mahalik and his brothers, sister and nephews for a photo outside the monastery with Vladyka Ioan. Fr. John will serve the Mission of the Holy Trinity (Downer's Grove, IL) and will continue to head Koinonia Ministries, a ministry to the homeless and poor in that area. Matushka Helen (Jan) Mahalik will be serving in a ministry involved in hospice care. May the Lord bless the priesthood and the ministries of Father John and Matushka Helen. Mnohaya lita!

Benet Lake, WI - October 18, 2008. At the celebration of the Divine Liturgy during the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Archdiocese of the United States and Canada, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America formally entered into full Eucharistic Intercommunion with the Orthodox Church of the Gauls (l'Eglise Orthodoxe des Gaules). Shown above is His Grace Bishop Gregoire, Primate of the Orthodox Church of the Gauls. The contemporary origins of the jurisdiction stem largely from two French religious communities that were originally part of the Orthodox Church of France: St Michael's Monastery at Bois-Aubry, Touraine, a monastic community following the Rule of St Benedict of Nursia; and Bethany, a lay community for hesychastic spirituality at Gorze. After leaving the Orthodox Church of France, the two communities came under the jurisdiction of the Coptic Orthodox Church and Pope Shenuda on the condition that they would be allowed to continue the use of the Divine Liturgy according to St. Germanus of Paris and the Daily Office of the ancient Western Church. When it became clear that their use of the Gallican rite would no longer be permitted, the communities, joined by some other clergy and laity, formed the Orthodox Church of the Gauls and elected Abbot Michel bishop.


Chervona Diybrova, Ukraine - October 14, 2008. On the Feast of the Protection of the Holy Mother of God, Archbishop Vsevolod consecrated the new parish church of the Protection of the Mother of God in Chervona Diybrova and ordained Fr. Deacon Giorgiy to the Holy Priesthood. After the ceremonies, Father Giorgiy was installed as pastor of the new parish community.




Sao Paulo, Brazil - June - July, 2008. Vladyka Chrysostomos, Major Archbishop of Quito, Central & South America, made his second pastoral visit this year to the Church in Brazil. After meeting with the faithful of various parishes, Archbishop Chrysostomos met with His Excellency Archbishop Makariotatos Athanasio, Archbishop of Sao Paulo, and His Eminence Archbishop Nicholaos, Archbishop of Moreas and England, of the Holy Synod of Diaspora Hellas with whom our blessed jurisdiction is in full intercommunion. During the visit of the three Hierarchs, the Standing Conference of Orthodox Bishops in the Diaspora was formed.

Milwaukee, WI - July 6, 2008. Fr. Arthur DeHaas was ordained to the Holy Priesthood by Metropolitan Archbishop Ioan for service in the Archdiocese of the United States, specifically, in the State of Wisconsin. Fr. Arthur is shown above, after his ordination, concelebrating with Vladyka Ioan, Archpriest Oleksandr [Sys] and Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy [Larin]. Congratulations and mnohaya lita to Fr. Arthur, Matushka Patti and their daughter Claire!


Quito, Ecuador - June 14, 2008. Fr. Athanasio was tonsured as a rasophor monk by Archbishop Chrysostomos at the monastery chapel in Quito where Fr. Athanasio is continuing his theological studies. MANY HAPPY YEARS, FATHER ATHANASIO!


Quito, Ecuador - May 28 thru August 10, 2008. Archbishop Chrysostomos of Quito was asked to participate in the opening of the exposition of sacred art and icons titled: "Russian Icons and Ethiopian Crosses" at the City Museum in Quito. Included in the  photos above are the inaugural ceremony held at the colonial church of St. John of God presided over by the Mayor of Quito, the Director of the Museum, Archbishop Chrysostomos and the Ambassador of Germany. The exposition will be open to the public until August 10, 2008. A preview can be seen on YouTube: 

Ivette Celi, Investigadora de la muestra "Iconos rusos y cruces etíopes" se refiere a esta exposición que se exhibe en el Museo de la Ciudad y permanecerá abierta al público hasta el 10 de agosto. Esta muestra internacional es una de las más importantes que presenta el Museo de la Ciudad para este año y está compuesta por 88 íconos y 38 cruces traídos del Museo de los Iconos de la ciudad de Frankfort. El objetivo de esta exposición es fomentar la curiosidad y el conocimiento de una cultura con la que compartimos el origen de nuestra tradición religiosa mediante el conocimiento y su expresión artística sacra.


Milwaukee, WI - May 17 thru June 1, 2008. Bishop Hilarion (Sawchuk) of the Diocese of Cherkasy, Ukraine, under the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (Metropolitan Mefodiy), visited with Vladyka Ioan, Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy (Larin), Fr. Oleksandr (Sys) and the parishioners at Solus Christi Skete, Milwaukee. During the visit, Vladyka Ioan and Bishop Hilarion discussed the state of the Church in Ukraine and shared ideas on inter-jurisdictional dialogue and collaboration between the various Ukrainian jurisdictions. Bishop Hilarion, in the name of the Diocese of Cherkasy, entered into intercommunion with our jurisdiction. Our gratitude to parishioner Julie Evans who acted as tour guide for Vladyka Hilarion during his visit to the USA.

Missouri City, TX - May 25, 2008. Fr. Archpriest Clif Ransom, JD, MA, Judicial Vicar, celebrated the 40th anniversary of his ordination to the Holy Priesthood with Matushka Dorothy, family and friends. Mnohaya lita, Fr. Clif. You are a most special gift from God, and may our Lord continue to bless your priesthood and your ministry!

Quito, Ecuador - April 27, 2008. Heartfelt Paschal greetings to all from Major Archbishop Chrysostomos of Ecuador, Central & South America, Fr. Archdeacon Nicolas, Fr. Atanasio, Mothers Mariamne, Alejandra and Veronica and the parishioners of the monastery parish. KHRYSTOS VOSKRES! 


Bogota, Columbia - April 27, 2008. The joy of Pascha was intensified at the Parish of St. Nectarios de Egina with the celebration of the baptism and chrismation of Baby Sara Gabriel by Father Felix Pineros, pastor. Matushka Clara hosted a most joyous reception afterwards at the parish rectory. Mnohaya lita to Sara Gabriel, her parents and to all the parishioners of St. Nectarios Parish community.


Milwaukee, WI - April 27, 2008. During the concelebrated Paschal Divine Liturgy at Solus Christi Skete of the Monks of New Manjava, Vladyka Ioan blessed Hieromonk Theophan (Fox) as Ihumen (Abbot) of Solus Christi Skete of the Holy Apostles, Nokomis, IL. Celebrating, along with parishioners of the Skete, were Archpriest Oleksandr Sys, Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin and Fr. Deacon Lou Mahalik and Matushka Jan Mahalik. The Easter baskets were blessed by Fr. Oleksandr Sys, assisted by Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin. Many happy years to Ihumen Theophan!


Beirut, Lebanon - April 8, 2008. His Eminence David-Francis (Corbett), Major Archbishop of Australasia, telephoned earlier today to assure all that he has arrived safely in Lebanon. As part of his ecumenical venture, Vladyka David-Francis has met with the Antiochian Metropolitan and is scheduled to meet with His Holiness Patriarch Ignatius of Antioch in the near future. Pictured above, Vladyka David-Francis is seen visiting with the Maronite monastic community with whom he has had a enduring relationship and friendship.


Milwaukee, WI - April 2, 2008. Upon the recommendation of His Eminence Archbishop Andrei, Major Archbishop of Canada of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America, Metropolitan Ioan has incardinated His Grace Bishop Gabriel (Luc Casaubon) in compliance with Article VII, Section 9(g) of the Statutes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America and appointed His Grace Bishop Gabriel (Casaubon) as Bishop of St. Boniface (Manitoba), Vicar Bishop of the Archdiocese of Canada. Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin, Secretary to the Holy Synod.


Milwaukee, WI - March 30, 2008. Fr. Oleksandr Sys, who arrived from Ukraine on March 25 to assist the monks of Solus Christi Skete as Administrator of the monastic parish, was warmly received by parishioners and served the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross with Vladyka Ioan, assisted by Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin. Fr. Oleksandr Sys was welcomed at Chicago's O'Hare Airport by Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin and parish cantor and dear friend Andriy Nemesh.

Bogota, Columbia - March 30, 2008. Greetings on this great Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross from Fr. Felix Pineros and his parishioners in Columbia.


Manawa, WI - March 26, 2008. Kelly and Tom Ridenour were chrismated and their daughters, Joanna and Susanna, were baptised and chrismated by Ihumen Marian (Bellin) at SS. Cyril & Methodius Skete, Manawa, WI. Throughout the period of their catechumenate, the Ridenour's have enriched the spiritual life of the Skete, and our heartfelt congratulations and prayers for their continued spiritual growth are ever with them. Mnohaya lita, mnohaya lita, mnohaya lita!


Quito, Ecuador - March 25, 2008. Vladyka Chrysostomos, Major Archbishop of Ecuador, Central & South America, received the monastic profession of Mother Alejandra, joyfully joined by Mother Mariamne, Fr. Archdeacon Nicolas and Fr. Atanasio. Mnohaja lita, Mother Alejandra!


Flaux, France -- March 19, 2008. Greetings from Father Leonide (Achard) at paroisse de la Sainte Croix, Flaux, France. Although all alone in France, Pere Leonide is working hard among his people in rural France.


Guadeloupe, French West Indies -- March 18, 2008. In conformity with the recommendation of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America (March 2006), His Beatitude Metropolitan Prime Bishop Ioan has incardinated (Ukase 0308) His Grace Bishop Luke (Amadeo), along with his clergy, monastics and parishes, into the Western Rite Metropolia to serve under the Omofor of His Beatitude Metropolitan Thomas (Logue), Metropolitan of the Western Rite. This incardination comes after a suitable period of probation and Profession of Faith. As agreed to by Metropolitan Thomas (Logue), Vladyka Luke will serve as Vicar of Guadeloupe, French West Indies. Father Archdeacon Sergiy Larin, Secretary of the Holy Synod of Bishops.


Milwaukee, WI -- February 24, 2008. On this, the Sunday of the Prodigal Son, Vladyka Ioan has formally established the Vicariate for Humanitarian and Spiritual Outreach of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America and has appointed Hieromonk Theophan (Fox) (pictured above) as Vicar for this Office. The Office of Humanitarian and Spiritual Outreach shall oversee any project run by clergy and/or monastics which deals with issues of homelessness, poverty, HIV, addiction and related areas which are performed in a setting outside the conventional parish, monastic or convent setting. This outreach is primarily either street-based or situated where the disadvantaged gather or meet and offers physical and spiritual support to individuals in whom the suffering Christ is present to the Orthodox Christian community. Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin, Chancellor.


Milwaukee, WI -- February 21, 2008. Along with parishioners and friends of the newlyweds, Vladyka Ioan, assisted by Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy Larin, recently served the celebration of the Sacred Mystery of Holy Matrimony of Petro and Lyuda Mizolyk, parishioners of Solus Christi Skete's Parish of the Holy Resurrection. MNOHAYA LITA to Petro and Lyuda!


Bogota, Columbia -- February 17, 2008. Father Felix Pineros Barrios, assisted by Fr. Deacon Sebastian (Segura), served the Holy Mystery of Matrimony, uniting Mauricio and Stella, parishioners of the Parish of San Nectarios de Egina, in this most sacred Mystery. MANY HAPPY YEARS to Mauricio and Stella.


Salem, IL -- February 17, 2008. Hieromonk Theophan (Fox), pastor of Solus Christi Skete's monastic Parish of the Holy Apostles, assisted by Brandon Fox, baptized and chrismated Laney Grace Quandt, daughter of Tracey and Richard Quandt, both of Salem. The Godparents were Michelle Hill and Mark Hill. A dinner followed the festivities. Our prayers are that our beloved Laney will grow in grace and wisdom within her family and Orthodox community!


Nokomis, IL -- February 12, 2008. Brandon Fox, son of Hieromonk Theophan (Fox), Superior of Solus Christi Skete, Nokomis, IL,  recently arrived back home in the United States of a brief visit and to celebrate his birthday with his father. Brandon, shown above (far right in photo 1 and with a group of local Iraqui children), is stationed in Iraq and will be returning to active duty this month. Let us constantly remember Brandon and all our troops during the celebration of our Divine Liturgies and at prayer.


Kyiv, Ukraine -- January 15, 2008. Fr. Deacon Oleh was ordained to the Holy Diaconate by Archbishop Vsevolod, Archbishop of Ternopil'-Bukovyna. Mitred Archpriest Valentyn (Soroka) assisted during the Liturgy of Ordination. MANY HAPPY YEARS, Fr. Deacon Oleh!


Sydney, Australia -- January 15, 2008. Formerly Archbishop of Malta, His Eminence Archbishop David (Corbett), pictured above with some of his clergy and their families and some parishioners, was installed as Archbishop of Australasia (Australia, New Zealand & their Territories & South East Asia and Locum Tenens of Malta.

Milwaukee, WI -- January 1, 2008. Fr. Theophan (Fox) was tonsured by Vladyka Ioan as a Stavrophore Monk (Small Schema) of Solus Christi Skete and professed his vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and stability. Congratulations to Hieromonk Theophan from the Monks of Solus Christi Skete: Vladyka Ioan, Fr. Archdeacon Sergiy and Ihumen Marian.

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